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It’s not rocket science

Soda Geyser

Soda Geyser

Lately we have had a few warms days so we have tried to come up with some fun outdoor activities   This one is fun and uses items that most have on hand or can easily be picked up during the next shopping trip.

All you need is …  1 pack of mint  Mentoes and 1 two liter of Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi works too.  Any soda will work but diet works best because it’s not as sticky (no sugar)..  what else are those Diet drinks good for anyway  🙂   ).

Mentoe holding tube

Mentoe holding tube

In our picture we used a tube that you can get from Steve Spangler Science site, but you don’t have to have one.  They have actually updated this tube to attach to the soda bottle to make the geyser even taller.

All you really need to do is pretty simple.    Open soda bottle and have your Mentoes ready. Drop 7-8 mentoes in the soda bottle all at once (well as fast as you can… that is where the tubes can come in handy).  Then … RUN!   The Carbon Dioxide reacts with the mentoes and blows a geyser in the air.  Ours only went about 6-8 feet but the record has been 30 feet.   Come on and try this one and see how high your Geyser will blow 🙂

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