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Allergy relief

allergy relief

Allergy relief

If you are like my crew, the allergies have already hit.  Since we had a fairly warm winter and Spring is here, everything is trying to bloom.  I have several that are allergic to pets but the seasonal allergies are the worst because you can’t avoid them.  I have tried several things but a friend of mine recently sent out a recipe to try.

Seasonal relief recipe:

1 Tb each of:


Lemon juice

Apple-cider Vinegar


Mix together and drink once a day to help boost immune system and relieve symptoms.

I have to admit I haven’t tried this for long but anything natural that might help is worth a try. I have been giving my daughter Astragalus root (herbal supplement) in capsules and it seems to be helping but she still has days that we need a little extra.  Let me know if it helps you!

Relief from pollen

Relief from pollen


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